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Access Control Systems

We provide Access Control System using Print Master and Time Server which can control 9 individual Access control systems, using magnetic swipe cards, which is fully programmable using CARD only, CARD + PIN (Personnel Identification Number), Escort Card, Supervisor Card, Holiday and Time schedules, Entry time setting, Alarm for forced entry etc. Attached to a printer or computer it can keep a record of WHO went WHERE and WHEN. This provides optimum control over access into premises, restricting it to authorized cardholder besides recording it. The system is simple and cost effective

Economically designed, these readers can adapt to various access management needs and incorporate within their Programmable features, varying modes of entry, a large card holder capacity and the limitations of access to predetermine daily time schedule with the assistance of an line host.

We also provide coded electronic digital keypad systems for access control to strategic areas. These are activated by a programmable 3/4 digit numerical code and provide a cost-effective solution to restrict unwanted entry into these areas.

Access Control systems are following.

Classic Swipe Reader

Created for entry level applications that will expand, or for remote locations with an existing on-line system, e - systems new Entry Prox reader is compatible with all e - SECURITY proximity cards or keys in any format.

The Epic Wiegand Reader provides an ergonomically designed forward slanted card slot for a more natural hand position when swiping a card. Contemporary styling makes the Epic Wiegand reader a popular choice for both modern and traditional buildings.


Proxpro With Keypad

ProxPro with Keypad provides the same feature as the ProxPro reader, with a fully integrated keypad.

The MiniProx reader offers high reliability, consistent read range characteristics, and low power consumption in a single, easy-to-install package.


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