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Surveillance System(CCTV)

We undertake systems to monitor movements and provide surveillance using wide angle, auto focus, electronic iris, night vision CCD cameras. The system is simple and efficient and provides recording facility also. These systems can be used to monitor movements and provide visual identification of movements in remote areas.

We also provide a system via which you can see different pictures from different Camera's at in one Monitor It is through Electronic Sequential Switcher, we also carry a visa versa system in which one camera can be seen in different location s via different monitors by Multiplexers. We could Provide you with such a system you can view camera via your own TV along with other channels, we also provide a system in which you can communicate via camera (Two way communication System).

Surveillance System(CCTV) are following.

Panasonic Coloured Camera

Hot selling 12 V DC camera Best suitable for any application (Indoor or Out-door).


2 Way Audio/Video

Observation camera with built in speaker &Mic. for 2-way audio-video communication. Best suited for Stores, Offices, Administration, Setup. Effective tool for immediate action/reaction.


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