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Fire Detection Systems

Fire is one of the major calamities which has an uncanny ability to strike when it is lease expected and causes havoc if not detected and controlled at the inception stage. The loss caused by this catastrophe cannot be measured in monetary terms alone.

E-systems protects your premises from fire by using an intelligent early warning fire detection system. The system comprises of a Micro-controller based Fire Panel with a built in rechargeable battery up and has capability of being attached to the Auto-Speech Dialer. The system Uses Heat, ROR, Optical and ionization sensors to detect fire.

Fire Detection systems are following.


The DH100LP and DH100ACDCLP are the Photo Electric dust smoke detectors capable of sensing smoke in air velocities from 100 to 4,000 fits per minute.These new innovair features models low flor tecnology that enables dust smoke detection throughout a board range of air-flow environment.The innovair family is designed for simlified installation and easy maintenance.

• Photoelectric, Model DH100ACDCLP Air velocity rating from 100 to 4000 feet per minute

• Ionization, Model DH100ACDCI

Air velocity rating from 500 to 4000 feet per minute

Additional Features

  • 1) Patented interconnectability for multi-fan shutdown
  • 2) Built-in reset button
  • 3) 120/220 VAC or 24 VAC/DC
  • 4) High/low voltage barrier
  • 5) Easy to clean



We offers the broadest line in conventional smoke detection. Our new i3 series takes a unique approach towards reducing cost with it's installation ease , intelligence and and instant inspection.Our 100 and 400 series offer a complete line of field-proven direct wire and plug-in models. And our heat and beam detector provide an effective solution when speciality detection is required.

  • 1) Temperature range, thermal models 32ºF to 100ºF (0ºC to 38ºC)
  • 2) Temperature range, all other models 32ºF to 120ºF (0ºC to 49ºC)
  • 3) 120/220 VAC or 24 VAC/DC
  • 4) Humidity Range 10% to 93% RH,
  • 5)1 Form A alarm: 2A @ 30 VAC/DC
  • 6) 1 Form C alarm: 2A @ 30 VAC/DC
  • 7) 6A @ 110 VDC; 1A @ 125 VAC



Our standard application heat detectors fatures 135f fixed rate-of-rise temperature alarm points. The high temperature heat detector provides a 190f fiexd temperature points.

ModelThermalVoltageStandby Current (Max.)Alarm Current (Max.)
4451HT Fixed 190°F base dependent 100 µAbase dependent
5451 Fixed 135°F, Rate-of-Rise base dependent100 µAbase dependent


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