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Home Automation Systems

App Interface:- The status of the sensors (like door sensors can be seen with status as door open or close) can be viewed on the web/App interface remotely from anywhere and also the sensor or the system can be armed disarmed remotely.

Working:- The intrusion will be activated only after they are ‘armed’ by the home owner using the wireless keyfob. When the intrusion system is ‘armed’ and if the system detects an intrusion or any safety mishap like Door intrusion or gas leakage or panic switch is pressed, after that, following things will happen:

  • 1) Hooter:- within the apartment will go off
  • 2) SMS alert mentioning sensor details and time stamp:- will sent to a set of 5 registered numbers.
  • 3) Cloud Service :- No dedicated telephone line or SIM card needed for SMS service. Silvan Cloud services will push the SMS.
  • 4) IPSM (Integrated Property Service Manager):– Optional Service.

All sensors in Partner’s scope. But should be as per Silvan’s specifications.

Sensors Pictures and various Profiles .

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    Door Intrusion Sensor
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    Gas Leak Detector
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    Panic Switch
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Lifestyle Controls

Smart Life Style Service:

1. Lights and Fans Control:-These are 4-channel module and are concealed in the wall inproximity, that enables on/off and dimmable control of all lights through the regular SPDT switches as well as home automation system in true two-way.

2.Curtain Control :- Curtain Motor Control through Home Automation System. Curtain Close/Open. Programming for scheduling as well as part of moods and scenes also possible.

3. Gate Control :– Sliding gate Control will be provided. Gate and gate motors in partner’s scope.

4. Amplifier control :- On/Off control

5. Moods and Schedules:- The Lights, Curtains, Geyser and AC combinations can be used to create various moods and scenarios as well as can be scheduled over the calendar to operate at fixed timings.

Home Automation Application: - Home Automation application will be loaded in four of the customer’s own smart devices that is iPad/iphone or android pads or android phones.

Various Switches and GUI Screen Shots


i) The system is distributed, hence requires lesser wiring.

ii) Can be accessed through network.

iii) Songs can be stored in/transferred to NAS in a few simple clicks.

iv) Playlists can be created.

v) From a single media server, songs can be played in different zones.

vi) Customer is free to buy the power amplifier and the speaker (powered speaker) of customer’s choice.

vii) Player controls are through Android/iOS devices.

viii) Multi-Operation: More than one controlling interface (Pad/Mobile) can be connected to same zone to control the zone.

ix) Unified database: Saved Playlist & Database is centrally located, thus music updated from one zone is automatically available in next zone. Playlist saved in one zone is also available.


Annexure 4

Typically Architecture Of General Home Automation System

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