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Comprehensive Electronics Security System

Today's world is increasingly becoming infested with crime. The damage caused due to this is irreparable. The modern corporate environment has also become increasingly competitive and is witnessing rising cases of industrial espionage. Information has become the competitive edge and there is a growing need to protect it.

We at e -Systems, provide a comprehensive crime prevention and security system using intelligent sensors linked to a micro-controller based control panel which activates alarm on receiving from the devices attached to it.

It also includes an Auto-Speech Dialing facility, which sends recorded message of emergency of alarm activation to forty five telephone numbers of choice, facilitating outside help e.g. police, management, family and friends. The system can also be linked to a Central Monitoring System (CMS) where a digital communication will be sent to the main control room and the operator will inform the police and other designated numbers.


Early Warning Fire Detection System And Fire Fighting Sprinkler System

Fire is one of the major calamities which has an uncanny ability to strike when it is lease expected and causes havoc if not detected and controlled at the inception stage. The loss caused by this catastrophe cannot be measured in monetary terms alone.

E - systems protects your premises from fire by using an intelligent early warning fire detection system. The system comprises of a Micro-controller based Fire Panel with a built in rechargeable battery up and has capability of being attached to the Auto-Speech Dialer. The system Uses Heat, ROR, Optical and ionization sensors to detect fire.


Access Control Systems

We provide Access Control System using Print Master and Time Server which can control 9 individual Access control systems, using magnetic swipe cards, which is fully programmable using CARD only, CARD + PIN (Personnel Identification Number), Escort Card, Supervisor Card, Holiday and Time schedules, Entry time setting, Alarm for forced entry etc. Attached to a printer or computer it can keep a record of WHO went WHERE and WHEN. This provides optimum control over access into premises, restricting it to authorized cardholder besides recording it. The system is simple and cost effective.

Economically designed, these readers can adapt to various access management needs and incorporate within their Programmable features, varying modes of entry, a large card holder capacity and the limitations of access to predetermine daily time schedule with the assistance of an line host.

We also provide coded electronic digital keypad systems for access control to strategic areas. These are activated by a programmable 3/4 digit numerical code and provide a cost-effective solution to restrict unwanted entry into these areas.


Surveillance System(CCTV)

We undertake systems to monitor movements and provide surveillance using wide angle, auto focus, electronic iris, night vision CCD cameras. The system is simple and efficient and provides recording facility also. These systems can be used to monitor movements and provide visual identification of movements in remote areas .

We also provide a system via which you can see different pictures from different Camera’s at in one Monitor It is through Electronic Sequential Switcher, we also carry a visa versa system in which one camera can be seen in different location s via different monitors by Multiplexers. We could Provide you with such a system you can view camera via your own TV along with other channels, we also provide a system in which you can communicate via camera (Two way communication System)..


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