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Comprehensive Electronics Security Systems

Today's world is increasingly becoming infested with crime. The damage caused due to this is irreparable. The modern corporate environment has also become increasingly competitive and is witnessing rising cases of industrial espionage. Information has become the competitive edge and there is a growing need to protect it.

We at e -Systems, provide a comprehensive crime prevention and security system using intelligent sensors linked to a micro-controller based control panel which activates alarm on receiving from the devices attached to it.

It also includes an Auto-Speech Dialing facility, which sends recorded message of emergency of alarm activation to forty five telephone numbers of choice, facilitating outside help e.g. police, management, family and friends. The system can also be linked to a Central Monitoring System (CMS) where a digital communication will be sent to the main control room and the operator will inform the police and other designated numbers.

Comprehensive Electronics Security Systems are following.

Panic Switch

MANUAL CALL POINT WITH MICRO SWITCH TECHNOLOGY AUTOMATIC RESET, STURDY JAPENESE STAINLESS STEEL BODY AND INBUILT TAMPER SWITCH These robust stainless steel manual activation switches can be put on alarm in case of any emergency and are contact less switches thereby having indefinite operational span .To be located at vantage points..


Remote key Pad

This device as the name suggest performs all the functions of the control panel and has visual as well as LED display. Through zonal facility, it can help pin point zone of emergency. Timely actions can be taken to save the situation.


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